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Induject-250 - Testosterone Compound

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Quick Overview

Testosterone is the major male sex hormone. This hormone is the natural secretion that is responsible for the development of the male sex organs. It also manages other secondary sex characteristic like growth of hair on face and the body.  The consequence of Testosterone is very effectual and as a result it is widely established and demanded medicine by the users from all over the worldwide. You can avail induject 250 from us at a very reasonable cost. 

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Product description of Induject-250:

It is a strong anabolic medicine. It is used to provide the mass to the muscles. So it is extensively used by the gym goers and athletes. Also it is used in the males who are devoid of the testosterone hormones. The active component of the Induject is the testosterone esters; Testosterone propionate; testosterone phenyl propionate; testosterone Isocarpate; and testosterone deaconate.

Indication of Induject-250:

Induject 250 is mainly intended for the development of the secondary sexual characters and organs in men. It is also use in hormone replacement treatment, rejuvenation treatment, panhypopituitarism and also in female breast cancer.

Dosing of Induject-250:

Induject is taken at least for every 10 days. The recommended dose is 250 mg. the dose can be elevated up to 750 to 1000 mg per week.

Side effects of Induject-250:

The common side effects of induject are acne, penis may get enlarged, and erection can occur frequently, enlarging clitoris, hoarseness or also it is quite possible that voice mat get deepened. If it is employed in females then there may be occurrence of irregular menstrual periods, unnatural hair growth and unusual hair loss. Some allergic reactions can also diagnose.

Storage condition of induject 250:

The drug should be kept at room temperature. The induject should be stored at such a place where children cannot reach. Keep the medication away from the direct reach of the sunlight.

Interactions of Induject-250:

It should not be used with other hormonal preparation or in the case you are allergic to this medication.

Precautions that should be taken before taking the Induject-250:

  • The drug is consisting of benzyl alcohol for this reason it should not be given to premature babies as it may cause sensitive reactions in them and can also cause the toxic reaction in the children. So this medicine should be avoided in the children up to the age of three years.
  • Induject 250 mg can hampers the natural procedure for the secretion of the testosterone which is the main and primary sex hormone in male.
  • If you are facing the certain pain, skin getting oily and the patient starts experiencing the falling of hair.  Then you should stop taking this medicine and once consult your doctor.
  • Occasionally, if you are feeling depressed and fluctuations in mood such as irritation, fierceness, etc. then you must disclose these situations to the doctor previous to the situation become poorer.
  • In case you have medical history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol level; if the size of prostate gland is enlarged it is suggested to stop taking this drug and discuss with a doctor or good medical advisor.

 Missed dose of Induject-250:

Take the medication regularly. In case you missed a dose of this medicine then your dosing will be rescheduled as- Take the missed dose as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you do not memorize it until the next day, miss out that missed dose and pursue your regular dosing schedule. Keep in mind do not double the doses.

Overdose of Induject-250:

Take the medication carefully. Do not overdose the medication.

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