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Combivent Rotacaps-Duolin Rotacaps

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1 Mcg Levoalbuterol-50mcg & Ipratropium Bromide-20 mcg - 200 Metered D $40.00 $40.00
3 Mcg Levoalbuterol-50mcg & Ipratropium Bromide-20 mcg - 200 Metered D $119.00 $39.67
30 Cap Duolin[Levoalbuterol (100mcg) & Ipratropium Bromide (40 mcg $26.00 $0.87
90 Cap Duolin [Levoalbuterol (100mcg) & Ipratropium Bromide (40 mcg $75.00 $0.83
Combivent or Ipratropium inhaler is used in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Combivent is a typical aerosol bronchodilator, which helps in preventing bronchospasm. It is commonly suggested for people who are on a normal bronchodilator and need a second one for efficient treatment. It is managed with the help of an inhaler. The Combivent treatment relaxes the muscles in the airways so that it increases the air flow to the lungs. Due to its positive and successful effects, doctors suggest to buy combivent.
Stay away from taking overdose of this medication because it can be risky. You need to follow the instruction of your doctor about dosage. If overdose is taken by you just talk to your doctor immediately or else it may cause severe problem for you.
It is very important to talk to your doctor before using Combivent or Ipratropium inhaler. Do not give this medication to somebody who also has related problem or else it can cause severe effects to him. It should not be used without the suggestion of doctor. For more information about this treatment you can read the leaflet of this prescription and if anything is not clear then ask your doctor to make clear it.
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