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Norethindrone was first synthesized in 1951 at Syntax. It is used for preventing pregnancy and reducing pain during periods. Also, offered Norethindrone is used during heavy bleeding and menopausal period.

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Norethindrone, also known as mini-pill, is a molecule that is used in combined oral contraceptive pill. Offered Norethindrone is used for preventing pregnancy and is a progestrogen. It is used for treating the pain that arise during periods, abnormal and heavy bleeding during periods, menopausal period, etc. Apart from this, Norethindrone is also used for postponing periods and help to prevent uterine haemorrhage. Our offered Norethindrone is used for treating women with abnormal bleeding from uterus and whose menstrual period has stopped for months.

Norethindrone also prevents the increment in the uterus lining and forming hormones. Our certified manufacturer provides this quality tested Norethindrone that is manufactured as per set guidelines of the FDA. Clients can avail Norethindrone in world class packing options using medical grade packing material, therefore the delivered medicines remain safe during its transit.

Our in-depth knowledge and industrial expertise allow us to deliver a distinct collection of Norethindrone through our online business. This Norethindrone as first of all synthesized in 1951 at Syntex. The ester form of Norethindrone is also available as Norethindroneacetate for our valuable clients.

Offered Norethindrone is taken orally by mouth by the user along with food. It should not be taken in empty stomach as it may upset the stomach. The dose of Norethindrone varies with patient to patient and also on the severity. If women is not having periods or suffering from abnormal bleeding from the uterus, she should take Norethindrone daily for 5 to 10 days during the second half of the planned menstrual cycle.

The Norethindrone should be taken once in a day and the user should decide a fixed time in a day so that she will not forget to take medicine. Like other medicine that takes some time for it to work, Norethidrone also take 48 hours. So additional birth control methods should be used after taking Norethindrone.

As soon as one full pack gets over, the new pack should be started the very next day without making any gap.

It is not always necessary that the user of Norethindrone will have same side effect. It varies with health and physical condition and immunity of the person. The user of Norethindrone might show sign of vomiting, nausea, pain in head and change in mood, problem in sleeping and sudden weight gain or loss.

Not only this, the person taking offered Norethindrone may have swelling in breast, acne, unwanted growth of hair and sometimes hair loss. In case the patient is suffering from any such symptom, she should first contact to her doctor and medical advisor.

Norethindrone might cause changes in the vaginal bleeding or discharge, swelling in hand, feet, pain while urination, skin & eye become yellow, dark coloured patches can be seen on skin and face. Some patient might feel heart attack, clotting of blood in legs and lungs, cough with blood, etc.

Some patient might get allergy after the intake of Norethindrone because of inactive ingredients present in it. If the person has suffered from blood clotting, problem I liver or had suffered from liver diseases, missed abortion, in the past, must reveal this to the doctor prior taking Norethindrone.

Also, if the patient had recent heart attack, lumps in breast, coronary heart disease, diabetic, asthma, migraine, increased cholesterol level, etc, should explain all the medical history so as to avoid any such worst condition that might arise due to Norethndrone intake. However, if the doctor knows about the proper medical history of the patient, it always better for the patient only as the doctor can adjust the dose accordingly.

For safety purpose, the patient should don’t drive, operate machine or perform any such work that requires full concentration as this drug produce dizziness in the patient. The intake of alcohol should be minimized. If the patient had any surgery, she should not take Norethindrone so that the blood will not get clot. Smoking should be avoided if the patient is taking offered Norethindrone as it may increase the chances of stroke, blood clot and high blood pressure.

The patient should expose herself to the sunlight for long time as it may result indarkening of skin. While going out in sunlight, the patient should use sunscreen glasses, etc. Norethnidrone can affect the unborn baby, so it should not be taken during pregnancy specially during first four months. There are chances that after the intake of Norethindrone, the period may be irregular, heavier or lighter than usual, in that case the patient should not stop taking medicines.

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