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Cytotec | Misoprostol Tablets

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Cytotec, an oral taking tablet is white in colour and round in shape. This Cytotec contains 100 mcg of Misoprostol that is a synthetic prostaglandin that act as messenger molecules and help in contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle tissue.Cytotec is used for the preventing gastric ulcer, inducing labor pain, etc.

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Cytotec Misoprostol

Cytotec 100mcg tablet is synthetic prostaglandin, white in colour and round in shape. It is used with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for the prevention of gastric ulcer. Offered Cytotec is also demanded by our clients for treatment of miscarriage, for inducing labor pain and known for inducing abortion.

This Cytotec is marketed by Pfizer group of pharmaceutical and is highly recommended and appreciated by our renowned clients for its effective result.

Our offered Cytotec tablet contain 100 mcg of Misoprostol that is quality tested by our certified manufacturer, hence our valuable clients can easily rely on this and can observe the desired result within predefined time-frame. We supply offered Cytotec to the clients through our online delivery booking facility using quality tested packing material so that it remain safe during its transit. Clients can avail Cytotec from us at minimum price within assured time-frame.

The inactive ingredients present in Cytotec are hypromellose, castor oil that is hydrogenated in nature, cellulose that is microcrystalline in appearance and sodium starch glycolate. It is soluble in water and viscous liquid.

The dose that the patient should take for reducing the chances of nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory induced gastric ulcer varies with the severity of the condition, However, initially a dose of 200 mcg should be given four times a day with food and if it do not have any problem with the patient should continuethis until she returns to the normal healthy life.

On the other hand, if the patient start showing any unusual signafter the intake of 200 mcg dose then the dose should be reduced to 100 mcg for four times a day along withmeal andmost importantly the last dose should be taken just before going to the bed.

Cytotec medicine may show side effect after its intake that can be due to allergic reaction. If the user of Cytotec shows spotting, cramping, pain in abdominal, diarrhoea, she should immediately contact their medical advisor so as to avoid its reoccurrence. Also, the patient might exhibit disorder in menstrual cycle, vaginal bleeding after menopause (postmenopausal), she should consult her doctor before the condition gets worsen.

The most common signs shown by the Cytotec intake as its side effects includes nausea, vomiting, headache, constipation, etc. Sometimes, the user of Cytotec may feel pain in body, chills, changes in weight, rashes in skin, pain in breast, abnormal vision & taste, prolem in hearing, infection in respiratory, pneumonia, pain in chest, bleeding & inflammation in gastrointestinal tract. Apart from this, Cytotec also increases the nitrogen and alkaline phosphatase in the body.

The intake of Cytotec may cause mild to severe allergic reaction. In this case, the patient should contact their doctor or medical advisor.It also causesdiarrheaat times so the dose of Cytotecshould be minimized. This Cytotec should not be taken along with antacids that contains magnesium.

The inactive ingredients present in Cytotec may also cause allergy or allergic reaction;the user should contact a pharmacist when such condition arises. Also, if a person is having any medical history, she should also inform about this to the doctor.

The Cytotecmay cause bleeding in stomach if the person is addicted to alcohol and tobacco. In this case, the user should reduce its use or intake. Smoking also increases the risk factor for Cytotec, so the patient should stop smoking.

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