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An abortion pill is available for the patients in the form of MTP kit that contains two very effective medicines named as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This medicine is known for terminating or preventing pregnancy without using any surgical instruments.

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Abortion Pill (MTP Kit) – A Complete Method to Terminate Pregnancy

Abortion Pill With sincere intention to preserve and uplift our reputation as the competent online supplier, we bring forth a wide range of Abortion pill for our valuable customer. This pill is able to terminate pregnancy at home without the help of any anaesthesia or surgical instruments. Abortion pill can be purchased online without going any medical store and the medicine will be delivered to the door step within promised time-frame. This not only saves energy but also time of our esteemed clients.

Abortion Pills are available in the form of kit called MTP Kit that contains two medicines namely, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Collectively both the medicines are known as abortion pill. This kit is very user-friendly and very easy to handle & use. Mifepristone is taken orally and after one to three days Misoprostol is taken either orally or vaginally that depends on the amount of bleeding or the severity of the conditions. The dose for Misoprostol is safe up to nine weeks and is very high & effective during that period of time.

However, later especially from 13 to 36 weeks, this dose is considered to be too high for abortions after 9 Weeks. However, the dose of Misoprostol depends on the duration of pregnancy.

Misoprostol can be given vaginally or buccally (space between gum and cheek).

The brand name of Misoprostol is Cytotec that is responsible for contraction of uterine and known as abortion pill for terminating pregnancy. Misoprostol is also known for preventing gastriculcer.

The dose for abortion pill depends on the duration of the pregnancy. Out of two medicines, at first Mifepristone 200 mg is taken orally and followed by four tablets Misoprostol 200 mcg, vaginally after 1-3 days.

If the abortion has not occurred after four hours of Misoprostol for the women of age between 49-63 of gestation then its another second dose that is two tablets can be given wither vaginally or orally. The route of administrating the second time dose depends on the amount of bleeding the patients passes.

The confirmation of termination of pregnancy is done by clinical examination or ultrasonography scan.

Although abortion pill is thought to be the easy way for terminating pregnancy still some patients might get side effects from this tablet. Different patient have different tolerance capacity for the drug and the body is adjusted like that only, so some person can have side effect while others might not. 

Mostly, the side effects from abortion pill that are very common includes sudden rise & fall in blood pressure, stomach problem, excessive bleeding, diarrhoea, unusual sensitivity of breast, vomiting, nausea, headache, painful cramps, etc.

Few patients might have urinary tract infection, infection in uterus, back pain, loss of appetite, weakness, pain in joint, yellowing of skin and dizziness.

Abortion pill causes dizziness after its intake, therefore work that requires alertness such as machine operation, driving vehicle, etc. should be avoided if using it. The patient should avoid the intake ofalcohol or alcoholic beverages if she is taking abortion pill.

The chemical present in the abortion pill initiates abortion, so there are chances of incomplete abortion. In such a case that prior using abortion pill, the patient should consult any medical advisor and should know if the pill is safe to consume or not for her.

This abortion pill should not be taken by the patients who are suffering from anaemia, diabetes, asthma or any heart disease. HIV patients should also not take abortion pill.

If women is suffering from any kind of injury in the fallopian tube, this may result in complication during abortion and she an face problem in future for conceiving, therefore, proper care should be taken while taking abortion pill and its conformation must be done via medical examination to avoid any serious problem.

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