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Erythromycin Stearate or Eryc is an effective medicine that is indicated for the treatment of a large range of bacterial infections. The major element of this preparation is Erythromycin which belongs to the class of medicines called macrolides. This medication is also used to fights against bacteria and stops their expansion. Erythromycin Stearate or Eryc is also very effective controlling the ruthless types of acne. People who are going through the phase of skin infections can buy generic Eryc for improving their face and for a clear skin.
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ERYC (Erythromycin) is an antibiotic drug from macrolide class. Azithromycin that is marketed as Zithromax and Zmax, Clarithromycin are some of the other drugs of the same class. Some of the general indications of ERYC include the followings:

• strep throat or throat infection
• infections of the lung or mycoplasma pneumonia
• legionnaires disease
• acute pelvic inflammatory disease
• diphtheria treatment
• erythrasma treatment
• listeriosis treatment
• intestinal amebiasis treatment

Other than the above ERYC may also be used in combination with other medicine to provide other health benefits. Your doctor may suggest you this drug according to your symptoms.

For achieving the health goal from any medication, it is important that you should use drug according to the prescription without making any change in the dosage unless your doctor suggest you to do so.

The period of continuing any medication is also important for the success of treatment as long term use may increase the possibilities of developing non-responsive persistent bacterial infection.

ERYC is offered in two different strengths and in combo packing on Top Drug Mart for facilitating easy selection options to customers. Adding to it, ERYC is available as without prescription medicine i.e. you don’t have to provide us any prescription for placing order. It is recommended that people should take medicines after consulting medical advisor for gaining health.

ERYC is a well tolerated drug and does not show severe side effects. Patients can have this oral drug with a glass of water on empty stomach or with food. To avoid symptoms of vomiting or stomach upset, it should be used after food.

Preceding treatment let your doctor know about all medical history and current medication in use for avoiding wrong indication and drug interaction.

Sharing medicine without consulting your doctor is not to be done by anyone, even if the person is reported with same kind of symptoms like yours.

How does ERYC works?

Alike other macrolide antibiotic medications, Erythromycin, also works against bacterial infection and prevent bacterial cells from developing.

Drug works to inhibit the synthesis of essential proteins in the bacteria cell without which bacteria cells die.

How to store?

ERYC should be stored at room temperature.

All medicinal products should be protected from light and moisture.

Medicines should be kept away from the reach of child and pet.
• The dose of ERYC depends on different factors including type of bacterial infection, severity of infection and overall health of the patient.
• The medication with ERYC should be used as a short term or limited period medication which may be sufficient to control infection and its symptoms.
• Patients are suggested to consult prescriber before initiating treatment with Erythromycin.
• Initial dose of 250 mg is generally suggested in patients to be used in every 6 hours. According to the requirement 500 mg dose may also
be introduces to be used in every 12 hours. Normally, ERYC treatment lasts for three to five days.
• Patients are advised many times to have plenty of water or fluids during antibiotic medication.
• Take your drug regularly for the recommended duration for gaining desired health benefits from the treatment.
• Patient should swallow the whole tablet without crushing or splitting it as it can affect how your drug works.
ERYC may result in side effects in rare cases such as:

• stomach cramping and discomfort
• diarrhea
• nausea
• vomiting
Immediate medical attention is required in following conditions: • confusion
• continued diarrhea
• hallucinations
• irregular or fast heartbeat
• loss of hearing (temporary)
• nausea or vomiting (severe)
• ringing in the ear
• seizures
• skin rash, redness, or itching
• stomach pain (severe)
• symptoms of liver damage (e.g., yellow skin or eyes, abdominal pain, dark urine, clay-coloured stools, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, or itching)
• unusual tiredness or weakness
Patients with following medical conditions should take this medication with caution in supervision of a doctor:

• any type of hypersensitivity to Erythromycin or any of drug constituents exist
• pregnancy
• breast feeding
• liver related problems

For safe medication inform your doctor with all your medical records and details of current medications.

Do not stop taking Erythromycin without checking with your doctor.
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