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Pyzina-Pyzine -Pyrazinamide 500mg

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Pyrazinamide or Pyzina 500mg Tablets are used as support treatment for managing tuberculosis and it is a bacteriocidal agent that works against tuberculosis bacteria. This anti-tuberculosis medicine is available in tablet form for oral administration which is stabile at room temperatures. People can order Pyzina 500mg tablets on a cheap price at Top Drug Mart online pharmacy store.
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• Pyrazinamide or Pyzina is an antituberculosis agent that is prescribed in combination with other drugs to treat pulmonary tuberculosis. Drug is generally given in the initial stage of active tuberculosis in adults and children.
• Pyrazinamide (Pyzina) medication should not be used by anyone if he/she has a known allergy to it. Adding to it, inform your doctor about your health especially if you have suffered any disorder related to liver, gout disease, kidney, or diabetes mellitus.
• Pyrazinamide is an approved drug by FDA but it is sorted in the pregnancy category C drugs. Hence, it should not be used by females expecting baby or breast feeding an infant as this drug can affect the health and growth of baby.
• Your medicine comes in form of tablet for oral use which you can take with or without meals marinating a gap of 1 or 2 hour with a full glass of water.
• For making your treatment successful, it is important that you take medicine for the recommended duration and complete the full course. Otherwise there is a strong possibility of developing the risk of drug resistant infection which is observed difficult to manage with regular antibiotics.
• To ensure safe medication with Pyrazinamide (Pyzina) consult your doctor and let him/her know about your overall health condition and all the medicines you are taking currently.
• Proper treatment requires that patient should tag along strictly to the prescription. Making any changes to your dosage or any other change in your prescription without consulting your doctor increases the possibility of not achieving targeted benefits from the treatment.
• This medicine is generally considered as well tolerated and does not cause any severe side effects. Some of the common side effects reported with this medicine include Anorexia, Fever, Nausea and vomiting.
• Pyzina may also be used in other ways too in suggestion of a doctor.
• Pyzina is offered in different combo packing on Top Drug Mart for giving you easy selection options. Additionally, we are offering this drug as without prescription medicine so customer are not required to provide any prescription before placing order. We recommended that patients should use medicines in supervision of a doctor for gaining health benefits.
• Sharing medicine without consulting your doctor is not to be done by anyone, even if the person is reported with same kind of symptoms like yours.

How does Pyzina works?

Pyrazinamide kills bacteria of M. tuberculosis in acidic environment that is available in the macrophages and inflamed tissue. Along with rifampicin drug work as bactericidal and provide greatest sterilizing action that reduces relapse rate and reduces tubular secretion of uric acid.

How to store?

Pyzina should be stored at room temperature.

All medicinal products should be protected from light and moisture.

Medicines should be kept away from the reach of child and pet.
• The dose of Pyzina depends on variety of factors such as body weight, age, severity of infection and overall health of the patient.
• It is important that patient should take the drug for a limited period as per the recommendations of doctor. Prolonged treatment may affect the targeted health benefits expected from the medication unless recommended as required by doctor.
• Take your medication regularly and in case of missing a dose, have it as you remember if it is not the about the time of next dose otherwise skip the missed one and continue with regular schedule.
• Taking overdose is not good for health. In such case run for emergency health services to get advice.
Pyzina is reported with some side effects. Side effects are listed here for your awareness purpose only, you may not get any of them.

• heartburn
• epigastric distress
• loss of appetite
• nausea
• vomiting
• jaundice
• cramps
• diarrhea
• abnormalities in liver function tests
• Anemia
• decrease in white blood cells
• headache
• fever
• drowsiness
• muscle weakness
• visual disturbances
• menstrual disturbances
Patients with following medical conditions should use Pyzina with caution under an advice of an expert of the field:

• any type of hypersensitivity to any content of the medicine
• pregnancy
• breast feeding
• liver related problems
• history of diabetes
• epilepsy
• gout
• HIV infection
• Alcoholism
• Malnutrition
• Elderly patients
• Pediatric patients

For safe medication inform your doctor with all your medical records and details of current medications.
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