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Generic Tindamax or Tinidazole is a useful medication to manage various kinds of bacterial infections in the body. Tindamax is an antimicrobial antibiotic. This medication works to evade bacteria and parasites from the body. It can be used to treat the infections in vagina, intestines and certain kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Drug is also effective for treating Bacterial Vaginosis non-pregnant, adult females. You can buy cheap Tindamax from Top Drug Mart online pharmacy store.
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Tindamex contain Tinidazole as active ingredient. This oral medicine from the second generation of small-molecule antiprotozoals works against bacterial infections. Some of the general indications of this medicine include the followings:

• trichomoniasis due to Trichomonas vaginalis (an infection in the sexual organ)
• giardiasis caused by Giardia duodenalis
• treatment of intestinal amebiasis
• bacterial vaginosis in non-pregnant females

The above listed are not the only a suggestive indication of this medicine. Patient may be prescribed with Tindamex for other health benefits as well.

To cut down the risk of developing of drug non-responsive persistent bacteria and gaining desired results from the treatment, it should only be used to treat infections that are strongly suspected to be caused by bacteria for short term treatment.

Tindamex is offered here in two different strengths and in combo packing for providing you easy choosing options according to your requirements. Top Drug Mart id offering Tindamex as a non-prescription drug, but we recommend that every medicine should be used under medical advice.

Tindamex is a well tolerated drug with very few and mild nature side effects. People can take the tablets of Tindamex on empty stomach or with food.

It is important that patient should inform doctor about all medical history and current medication preceding any new treatment. Sharing your medicine without the approval of the doctor with anyone is not a good idea for health, even if the person is reported with similar symptoms like yours.

How does Tindamex works?

Tindamax comes from the second generation of antiprotozoal agents. The exact mechanism of action this medicine is still a matter of discussion, though it is believed that Trichomonas that makes cytotoxic-free radicals are considered as the threat to the life of bacteria cells which ultimately helps patients to revive health.

How to store?

Tindamex should be stored at room temperature.

All medicinal products should be protected from light and moisture.

Medicines should be kept away from the reach of child and pet.

• The appropriated doses of Tindamex vary from patient to patient according to various factors in any individual such as type of infection, severity and his or her overall health.
• Patients should always be given a limited period therapy with a minimum required strength of dosages that may be sufficient to control infection and its symptoms.
• Patient can take this medication with or without meals with a liquid or glass of water.
• The patient should drink plenty of water while taking medicine and should take medicine at constant level.
• Patient should swallow the whole tablet without crushing or splitting it as it can affect how your drug works.
Tindamex may lead to adverse effects such as:

• vaginal discharge or irritation (itching)
• loss of appetite
• indigestion
• unsettled stomach
• nausea or vomiting
• mild diarrhea and stomach pain
• tiredness
• drowsiness
• headache
• lightheadedness
• bitter or metallic taste in mouth
Immediate medical attention is needed in following medical conditions: • fever
• body aches
• flu like symptoms
• lack of sensation
• burning pain
• convulsion or seizure symptoms.
• Prior taking Tindmex, patients are required to notify their medical advisor with the facts and reports of their medical history which becomes more significant if patient has suffered any long term disease or disorders related to vital organs of the body such as kidney, liver, heart etc.
• Any drug allergies or sensitivity reaction against food should also be notified to the prescriber before starting any new drug.
• It is always advised that you should start any new drug after consulting your doctor.
• Let your prescriber also know if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant before starting this treatment.
• To avoid the risk of drug interaction, it is important that patient should inform their doctor about all medicines currently in use including herbal product, prescribed or non-prescribed drugs.

There may an interaction between Tindamex and following drugs:

• other antibiotic drugs
• blood thinner (such as warfarin)
• cyclosporine
• any tuberculosis treatment medicine
• any fluorouracil
• lithium containing drugs
• tacrolimus
• antidepressant drugs
• any other antifungal medication
• heart and blood pressure drugs
• HIV drugs
• Ant-seizure medication

Some other medicine may also interact with your drug. This is not the complete list.
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