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Zagam 200 MG

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Quick Overview

Zagam 200mg (Sparfloxacin) is an antibiotic medicine from the fluoroquinolones class. It’s a new addition in the fluoroquinolone antibiotics approved by FDA. Sparfloxacin is given to manage variety of bacterial infections, including respiratory tract infections, acne, middle ear related infections, certain skin infections and urinary tract infections. You can easily order Zagam at a competitive price on Top Drug Mart pharmacy website.
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Zagam 200mg contains Sparfloxacin as active ingredient which belongs to the antibiotic medicine classified as the fluoroquinolone. Drug is indicated to treat following primary conditions as listed below:

• Acne
• Bacterial infections
• Bronchitis
• Burns
• Conjuctivitis
• Cystitis
• Dysenteries
• Folliculitis
• Impetigo
• Otitis media
• Pneumonia
• Prostatitis
• Pyelonephritis
• Respiratory tract infections
• Sinusitis
• Superficial infections
• Surgical infections
• Tonsillitis
• Urethritis

You may be suggested to have this treatment for other medical conditions as well that are not included here. You should not adjust or make any change in your prescription on your own without consulting your doctor.

This medication is for oral use and after intake it is quickly absorbed in body and reaches peak level in the blood in just one and two hours.

Sparfloxacin should not be used by anyone who has Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug.

At Top Drug Mart, people can avail Zagam 200mg as a nonprescription medicine i.e. you don’t need to show prescription for ordering this medicine from our website. People can go to our interactive site and easily choose the required packing and place order through our safe payment option.

Before initiating any medicine people should go for medical advice so that according to symptoms and other medical information appropriate treatment may be judged. Starting any treatment on the basis of general symptoms that indicates the disease, may lead to miss use or wrong use of any drug.

Following treatment exactly as prescribed by your medical advisor is vital for success of medication. Changing or adjusting dosage without consulting doctor may result in failure of the medication.

In case of missing a dose take the tablets as soon as you remember. You should skip the dose if it is already time for the next dose.

Overdose or taking extra medicine dosages than recommended with the thought to cover up the missed dose or to get early recovery from the infection, will not provide you any desired results and should not be done in any given condition unless your doctor permits you to do so.

Talk with your medical advisor before using this drug to know whether this medicine is appropriate for your medical problems or not. Sharing drug with anyone else who also has related signs may result in inappropriate use of drug. It may be unsafe to use it without the approval of the doctor.

How to store?

Zagam 200mg should be stored at room temperature in a moisture free container.

Protect your medicinal products from heat and sun light.

Store all your drugs out of the reach of children.
The dose which would be appropriate to cure and manage your symptoms depends on various factors including the type of infection and overall health of patient. Normally, treatment of Zagam (sparfloxacin) start with initial minimum dose of 200mg tablet in patients with normal renal function is two tablets. After that single 200-mg tablet should be used in every 24 hours for a total of 10 days of therapy.

It is important to take treatment regularly and according to your prescription for gaining overall health. Continue to take drug and complete prescription even if you start to feel better in the initial stage of the treatment.

In case of missing any dose, take it as you recall it and return to your regular schedule, or skip the missed dose and continue with next dose.
Usually, Zagam 200mg is well tolerated and does not reported with severe adverse effects. Some infrequent side effects may include the followings:

• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Myalgia
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Abdominal pain
• Rashes
• Sleep disturbance
• Arthralgia
• Agitation
• Eosinophilia
• Leukopenia
• Delirium
Use of Sparfloxacin will not be safe and fruitful or caution should be implemented in patients with following conditions:

• any allergy
• previous drug reactions (rash) to sunlight
• kidney disease
• heart conditions
• certain mental conditions (psychosis)
• blood vessel disease (carotid arteries)
• brain disorders (e.g.seizures or cancer)
• tendon problems
• patients under 18 years old
• Pregnant Mothers
• Neonates
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