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We are identified as one of the most competent enterprises of this industry, engaged in offering a wide range of Mifepristone that is used to suppress the activity of progesterone. This tablet is light yellow in colour and biconvex & cylindrical in shape that can be taken orally by the user.

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Buy RU486 Online | Mifepristone

With our efficiency and in-depth knowledge, we are engaged in providing a comprehensive range ofru486-mifepristone medicine. It is known as RU-486 after the name of the company RousselUlca who designed this drug during the course of its trial and was available in France. As per FDA, it is marketed under the trade names of Korlym and Mifeprex.

Mifepristone is synthetic steroid hormone that suppresses the activity of progesterone, a hormone that plays an important role in pregnancy and menstrual cycle. It also acts as a medium for causing abortion in the early months of the pregnancy.

Our offered Mifepristone, when administered in small doses, act birth control pill. It also helps in regulating the metabolism of glucose and in Cushing syndrome that is extended exposure to high level of cortisol hormone.

Mifepristone should be taken orally by the user that prevents pregnancy in a very effective manner and the user can rely on the result. This Mifepristone has to be taken by adult person in the concentration of 600 mg in a single dose and after two days 400mcg of Misoprostol as single dose.

Offered Mifepristone should be taken orally by the patients. The confirmation of the abortion should be done by clinical test or by ultrasonography.

There are side effects of this medicine as well which includes excessive bleeding, infection, diahorrea, vomiting, nausea,etc. The use of this medicinemight feel tiredness, dizziness, back pain, headache but these symptoms are not restricted to this only. After intake of this Mifepristone, the women shows bleeding from vagina that is heavier than usual bleeding during pregnancy and feel cramping in the uterine.

In this case, she must consult your doctor or medical advisor to avoid loss of more blood. Sometimes, patients might get allergic reaction such as rash, itching, light-headedness, may lose of consciousness, etc.

It is always important to consult to the doctor prior using offered Mifepristone as the inactive ingredients present in it might cause allergic reaction in the body. Not only this,

if a patient is having any medical history that is already suffering or had suffered from disease such as undiagnosed adrenal growth, any adrenal gland problem, bleeding problem, should explain all this to the doctor before start of Mifepristone.

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