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Soma or Carisoprodol is a generic drug and is used for the treatment of muscle pain and muscle injury. It is used by the person who is suffering from muscle sprain and pain. Our esteemed clients can buy Soma through our Online booking facility at low price.

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Buy Soma Online

Soma is a muscle relaxant and is used for tightening of muscle and muscle pain that occur because of injury. Offered Soma works by the stimulation of hormones responsible to stop the pain sensation message that reaches the brain via nerve. Soma is also known by the other brand name such as Sanoma and Carisoma.

Soma should not be stopped suddenly by the user as it may cause serious problem to them. Our offered Soma drug is highly demanded and recommended by the user to improve muscle sprain and pain. Clients can order Soma through online booking option at really low price.

There are many pain killers available in the market and those who need this can easily get it through online or any other means under the brand name. However, buying branded medicine at high cost is not advisable. Soma, being generic medicine is easily available to the clients and this has the same composition as that of the branded drugs. This is inexpensive when compare to branded medicines and is very effective as well.

We procure Soma from those manufacturers who manufacture it as per set guidelines of the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Soma medicines should not be given to some other person who is showing same sign and symptoms of pain as the Soma user is showing. However, the drug is beneficial for one person is not necessary will have same effect on the other as different people respond differently for the same medicines. So prior taking any medicines, the person or the patient should consult the doctor.

The generic drug, Soma, should not be used for long term for treatment of pain in muscle. We provide Soma to the clients having strength of 350mg to 500mg. This Soma should be taken thrice in a day for two or three weeks. The dose should not exceed more than three weeks. Soma can be taken after taking food or in empty stomach.

If the user of Soma do not feel any changes in the pain or thinks it’s not worth taking Soma for the problem, should consult doctor for best suggestion but never increase dose as overdose may lead to serious side effects in them.

Soma tablets are white in colour and appear as crystalline powder. It has mild characteristic odour and is bitter in taste. Offered Soma is soluble in water, chloroform, alcohol and acetone. The chemical formula of Soma is N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propyl-1,3propanediol dicarbamate and the molecular weight is 260.33.

Soma contains certain ingredients such as alginic acid, starch, tribasic calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, potassium sorbate, etc. Carisoprodol was approved by the FDA in April 1959. It should be stored in controlled temperature ranging from 20° - 25°C.

Our offered generic medicine, Soma is a muscle relaxant and should be taken thrice in a day. Depending upon the immune system of the person, this Soma tablet cause side effects to the patient. However, it is not necessary that every person taking Soma will have one or other side effects of the drug. It can cause drowsiness, nervousness, irritation, depression, etc. to the user.

Not only this, some patient might feel light-headed, weakness, paralysis, confusion, improper / blurred vision and heartbeat increases. Apart from this, the person taking Soma might get their stomach upset, vomiting tendency, dizziness and nausea.

The user of Soma should avoid work that requires full concentration and alertness.

Soma is also known for causing sedation in the patient who take it for muscle pain, etc. therefore the work related to alertness such as operating machine, driving vehicle and other such work should be avoided till it continues.

The dose should be decided by the doctor as the overdose may cause problem in some patients.

Pregnant lady should not take Soma as it may result in adverse effect in fatal growth.

If a person is suffering from some diseases or had suffered in the past such as disease related to liver, kidney, epilepsy, hepatitis, etc.must explain about this to the doctor so that proper dose of Soma can be given to them.

Sometimes it happens that the patient has missed one dose and then should take as soon as she remembers it. However, if the user of Soma who missed the tablet and by that time second, regular dose has to be taken, then she should not take missed dose. In other words, two Soma tablets should not be taken at the same time to manage the missed dose.

Offered Soma tablet should not be taken by age group below 12.

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