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Albucid Eye Drop 20% 10ml

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Quick Overview

Albucid Eye Drop contains Sulfacetamide Opthalmic which is an effective antibiotic medication used for eye infections. This medication works to fight back bacterial infection and helps patients to recover from symptoms of eye infection such as swelling and itchiness in eyes. Top Drug Mart pharmacy website is offering Albucid Eye Drop at a low price.
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6 Eye Drop/s  Albucid Eye Drop 20% 10ml $17.82 $2.97
Sulfacetamide Opthalmic is traded under various brand names at various geographies such as Blephamide and Albucid Eye Drops.

Albucid Eye Dropsz is an antibacterial medication prescribed in patients reported with bacterial infection in the eyes developed due to susceptible strains. This medication will not provide any effective results if used to manage any disease or disorder related to eyes.

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Using Albucid Eye Drop will not be an appropriate and safe option for those who have hypersensitivity to any active or inactive ingredient of the medication or are reported with any kind of viral or fungal infection is the eyes as this drug is not effective to treat viral or fungal infection.

Applying this eye drop is very easy. You just have to put the recommended drops of the solution in your eye pocket. But at the same time some strict hygiene practices are very important while using it. Wash your hands before applying the eye drop and keep the mouth of dropper untouched as it can easily get contaminated and affect your medicine.

If you are using contact lenses, be more careful before starting this treatment and ask your doctor for instructions. Albucid Eye Drop should not be used while wearing contact lenses.

Caution should be implemented in case of use of Albucid Eye Drop by pregnant woman or mothers who are breast feeding a baby.

Follow the treatment according to your medical advisor’s instructions as it is very important for getting desired results from the treatment.

Making changes in your prescription or adjusting dosage without consulting doctor may lead to the failure of the medication or developing the risk of side effects.

If you missed a dose of your eye drop, use it as soon as you remember it or you should skip the missed dose if it is about the time of the next dose. Taking extra medicine to cover up the missed dose is not recommended in any case.

Talk with your medical advisor before using this drug to know whether this medicine is appropriate for your medical problems or not.

Sharing drug with anyone else who also has related signs may result in inappropriate use of drug. It may be unsafe to use it without the approval of the doctor.

How Albucid Eye Drop works?

The active ingredient of medication Sulfacetamide is an inhibitor of para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) of bacteria. This chemical is vital for the survival and growth of bacteria. By inhibiting PABA Sulfacetamide works as an antibacterial agent.

How to store?

Sulfacetamide or Albucid Eye Drop should be stored at room temperature in a moisture free container.

Protect your medicinal products from heat and light.

Store all your drugs out of the reach of children.
Use Albucid Eye Drop exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Using extra drops than recommended is not suggested in any condition. Generally, it is suggested to use for two or three times every day. Take the treatment according to your prescription instructions regularly.

Practice hygiene habits while using Albucid Eye Drop is crucial for the success of your treatment. Wash hands properly prior using eye drop and avoid touching the tip of the dropper with hands as it can contaminate your medication.

Put the eye drops in the eye pocket and keep your eyes close for few minutes and relax.

If you are using contact lenses, be more careful before starting this treatment and ask your doctor for instructions. Albucid Eye Drop should not be used while wearing contact lenses.
Usually, Albucid Eye Drop is a tolerable drug and does not show any kind of severe side effects. Some of the mild nature side effects include:

burning in eyes stinging eyes irritation after use redness in the eye eyelid itching eyelid swelling blurred vision sensitivity to light

In most of the cases side effects are short termed and go away as you drop your treatment but you should not ignore any unusual sign that starts after initiating treatment with this medication.
Use of Albucid Eye Drop should be done with caution and in direction of a medical expert if you have:

• allergies to Sulfacetamide or to any ingredient of the medication,
• allergies to other sulfa drugs,
• any viral or fungal infection in the eyes, or
• if you have any other allergies

Be careful while doing activities that require clear vision including driving and handling heavy equipments just after using Albucid Eye Drop.

Using other eye medication simultaneously should be avoided unless advised by your doctor.

Abide by to your prescription instructions for the whole duration of medication regularly.
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