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We provide Flunarizine to the client that is a generic medicine and used for the treatment of migraine. It also decreases the occurrence of attacks and its result is very effective.

Our clients can buy this Flunarizine online by placing an order at most economical price.

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Generic Name - Sibelium

Brand Name - Flunarizine

As specialists from this industry, we offer our respected clients a precisely-designed range of Flunarizine. It is used for preventing the headache that arises due to migraine. This medicine is used for decreasing the occurrence of attack.

Flunarizine belong to group of drug known as calcium channel blocker, that is, it blocks the entry of calcium and thus it do not combine with histamine H1 receptor and block its activity. It also helps in reducing the duration of paralysis attack and also its severity that can cause serious problem.

Apart from this, Flunarizine also helps in reduction of frequency in headache in children as well as adult. The generic medicine, Flunarizine was discovered in 1968 in Janseen Pharmaceutica.

Also, this Flunarizine is used for the treatment of vestibular vertigo that is caused due to functional disorder of vestibular system.

Flunarizine works by inhibiting the influx of calcium that is present extracellular by plugging the channel via pores of myocardial and vascular membrane. Also the calcium that is present intracellular decreases which in turn inhibits the contraction of smooth muscle cell.

This leads to dilation of coronary and systemic arteries which increases the oxygen supply to the myocardial tissue and therefore total peripheral resistance decrease and also systemic blood pressure decreases.

Generic Name - Sibelium

Brand Name - Flunarizine

Flunarizine is not used to treating headache that have already started rather it is used for preventing the migraine headache before the headache begins. It helps in reducing the frequency and severity of the attack. The effect this medicine sometimes might not be shown for few weeks. In such a case, the patient should not stop taking medicine.

Flunarizine is given 1 mg to the adult person and should be taken daily in evening either with food or without food. However, the dose varies from person to person and it all depends on the weight of the body and other medicines, if taken.

In case a patient misses a dose for any reason, then they should take that missed dose as soon as remembers. However, if it’s time for second dose for the medicine, then the patient should leave that missed dose and take the regular dose.

Two doses at a time should never be taken by the patient. It might cause problem to the patient. In such case if the patient is not able to decide what to do or not sure about the missed dose, then they should consult the doctor.

Generic Name - Sibelium

Brand Name - Flunarizine

Side effect for the medicine is defined as the unwanted response of the body for the medicine even when the normal dose is taken. Many patients, not all, can have side effects from Flunarizine which may vary from mild to severe. It can be for some time or permanent that depends on the severity of the conditions. Some patients might gain excess weight, feel drowsiness and depressed.

In rare cases, patients might feel constipation, headache, light-headedness, diarrhoea, nausea and weakness, Some side effect can be very serious for few patients who include swelling of gums, difficulty in breathing, cough, pain in chest, bleeding and rash in skin. At times, patients might loss balance, increased heartbeat, problem in swelling & speaking, swelling in ankle, feet and shaking of hands and fingers, etc.

Generic Name - Sibelium

Brand Name - Flunarizine

Taking few precautions can save patient from ill effects of the medicine and also protect them from getting serious problem. Flunarizine should be avoided by patient who is suffering from galactose intolerance and deficiency forLapp lactase (an enzyme) should not take this medicine as this medicine contains lactose monohydrate. Special care should be taken by the patients who are suffering from depression disease.

Thinking that taking and increased dose will solve the problem early is never advisable as the overdose of the drug may lead to serious problem in the patient.

Patients specially, female who have record of depressive illness are at great risk for depression at the time of prolonged treatment with Flunarizine. So proper are should be taken by them.

Sometimes, the patients might have increases fatigue during the course of Flunarizine intake or treatment. If this situation occurs, the patients should discontinue the medicine then consult the doctor and start the medicine with low dose.

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