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Melalite Cream 4%

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Quick Overview

Melalite Cream contains generic hydroquinone as a main active component. It is used to treat hyper pigmentation of the skin. It is used to improve the darkened and a tanned area of the skin. Melalite cream is easily available for the every age group of the population. It is a whitening cream as well as also used as anti-aging cream. It is used for the management of the freckles, chloasma (splashes of dark skin appear during the pregnancy) and melasma (dark skin discoloration) and reduces the sign of spots that appears due to aging.

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Melalite contain hydroquinone and glyceryl mono para-aminobenzoic acid as a main active beneficial agent. Melalite cream is a drug used for lightening the skin color and as an anti-aging cream. It helps to fade the sign of aging. Hydroquinone act to interrupts with the cycle of skin darkening process and act to improve the sign of emergence of the age spots and the hyper pigmentation. It makes the skin more glowing and radiant. Both hydroquinone and glyceryl mono Para-amino benzoic acid works to lessen the manufacturing of the melanin. Melalite Cream is a marvelous drug for acne scar, skin spots, dark pigmentation, blemish marks and all kinds of facial related problems.

Instructions to use Melalite Cream:

Melalite cream is strictly advised to be applied at night before going to sleep. Apply the thin layer of Melalite cream at night. Almost 30 minutes before applying the cream rinse your face with water and dry it properly. Put a thin layer of the cream on the required area with clean fingers. Move with the circular motion to apply the cream. Apply the cream so that it gets absorbed into the skin with soft hands. Do not scrub the cream. Use the cream on a regular basis for the effective result.

Storage condition of the Melalite cream:

Melalite cream is stored at room temperature below 30 0C. Keep the drug out of reach of the children and the pets. Protect the drug from the excess heat, light and moisture. Do not allow the freezing of the Melalite cream

Missed dose:

If you have missed a dose of the cream then apply it as soon as you get remembered. If it is the time for the next dose then bounce it and continue with your regular doses.

Over Dose:

Chance of overdosing with Melalite cream is almost negligible. If it is applied in large amount it will not show any serious symptoms.

Some common side– effects that can be experienced while using Melalite cream are-

  • Mild to moderate burning sensation of the skin
  • hurtful and harsh feeling
  • Itching of the area of the skin where the drug has been applied
  • Redness of treated skin

Other rare serious side effects of Melalite cream are allergic or hypersensitive reactions like hives, rashes, pimples, feeling of complexity while inhalation, inflammation and swelling of face, throat, lips, tongue, etc.

Some precautions and warning should be followed while using Melalite cream are-

  • If the patient is hypersensitive to hydroquinone or any other ingredients present in the cream then avoid the use of Melalite cream or consult your doctor.
  • Any cosmetics products that contain benzoyl peroxide or other peroxide derivatives should be avoided because it may blemish your skin. However the bruising can be removed with soap and water.
  • Avoid going outside in exposure to sunlight. Melalite cream increases the skin sensitivity in presence of sunlight, and may result in sunburn. Use a sunscreen or cover your face while going out.
  • Avoid making contact of Melalite cream into your mouth, eyes and nose and on your lips.
  • Caution if you are pregnant. Take proper precaution while using the Melalite cream (Hydroquinone Topical Cream) because it can pose harm to the fetus.
  • Do not use the cream on the cuts, wounds, chapped skin or on sunburn.
  • Contraindicated in the children to be under the 12 years of age.
  • Do not apply on the wounded or injured skin, also if any bacterial infections are present.
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