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Lioresal-Liofen-Baclofen 10mg

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Lioresal is a generic medicine that is used for the treatment of muscle pain, muscle cramps, spinal cord injury, stiffness in muscle, etc. Our renowned clients can avail their ordered medicine at pocket friendly price within specified time-frame.

We supply Lioresal drug in quality tested packing material so that it remains safe during its transit.

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In our endeavours to be the preferred name in our domain, we are devotedly engaged in offering wide gamut of Lioresal Generic to our prestigious clients that has to be taken orally and is antispastic drug. It is used for the treatment and relaxation of skeletal muscle and for the treatment offexor spasm, muscle stiffness, etc.

Our offered Lioresal is very useful for treating the diseases related to spinal cord or its injury. The dose of Lioresal varies from person to person immune response and severity of the condition.

It was also used to treat alcoholism during its research period. Sometimes, it is used for the treatment of involuntary contraction of diaphragm, muscle cramps & pain. When a patient experience shivering in the body, then Lioresal can be given to them. Our well-established warehouse is capable of storing large volume of offered Lioresal drug in safe and fresh manner so that our esteemed clients can receive the ordered medicine without any defect.

As a customer centric organization, when a person books the required quantity of Lioresal medicine, their personal information is kept secret. Not only this, we supply this ordered Linoresal medicine within prescribed time-frame.

Lioresal, a generic medicine contains Baclofen in the strength of 10mg. The patient should consult their doctor of medical advisor for the dose. Lioresal should be taken thrice in a day by mouth with or without food. Offered Lioresal should be taken in low dose initially then the dose is increased slowly. For effective result, Lioresal should be taken regularly as scheduled for the day.Lioresalhas to taken for one or two monthsfor maximum benefit.

Initially, the Lioresal should be taken only 5 mg for 3 days thrice in a day, then 10mg for next 3 days, 15mg for another three days and finally 20mg thrice a day for next days. However, the dose for Lioresal should never increase 80mg in a day as it may cause serious problem to the user.

The patient should take Lioresal orally by mouth with or without water. The tablet should be kept on tongue with the help of clean and dry hand.

Offered Lioresal is a white to off-white in colour, odourless and appear as crystalline powder. Lioresal is soluble in water, methyl alcohol and insoluble in chloroform, having molecular weight 213.66. This Lioresal is known as derivative of gamma aminobutyric acid.

Excess intake of our offered Lioresal may cause ataxia that is lack of voluntary movement of muscle, weakness, etc. Also, the patient might faint and can experience increased heartbeat rate than usual.

Some patients might feel dizziness & drowsiness for short period of time and become tired very soon. In rare cases, the can have headache, the patient might be very confused or excited for anything, show pain in muscle, improper or blurred vision, hypotension, pain in chest& abdomen¸ constipation, nausea. The mouth of person become dry, change in taste bud, vomiting, diarrhoea and blood in stool can be seen at times.

It also results increases the frequency of urine, no proper ejaculation, edema in ankle, weight gain,nocturia, congestion in nasal, perspiration increases, etc. The side effects are not confined to this only,Lioresal also results in increased level of enzyme alkaline phosphatase and blood sugar.

After the intake of Lioresal, the patient might feel drowsy, so driving should be avoided and no heavy machine or other such equipment they require full attention, should be avoided. The user of Lioresal should not drink and drive as it disturbs the alertness and should be avoided till the user is in her full consciousness.

To withstand upright posture when spasticity is used, the dose of Lioresal should be adjusted accordingly. Some patients suffering from chronic neurological disorder, a condition known as epilepsy, electrocephalogram should be carefully observed at proper time interval as Lioresal may cause problem in them.

When Lioresal is taken in increased amount, it results in formation of cyst in the ovary. Cyst is a closed sac like structure that is filled with fluid and has distinct membrane.

The dose of Lioresal should be increased from low to high, if required, slowly not suddenly as it may result in unwanted disorder in the patient.

In patient suffering from impaired renal function, there is probability of toxic reaction because of Lioresal in take as it is substantially excreted by kidney.

Low dose of Lioresal should be given to the elder people as compared to younger patient and they should be continuously monitored. If a person is having allergy from anything, she should inform about this to the doctor or any medical advisor.

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