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Paraflex is a widely known muscle relaxant and used for the treatment of muscle spasms, pain, arthritis, etc. Not only this, our offered Paraflex is highly demanded for treating muscle injuries, back pain and disc syndrome.

Our certified manufacturer tests Paraflex on certain predefined quality parameter as set by FDA, so this tablet is safe to consume. Clients can avail Paraflex from us at nominal price by our online booking options.

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Owing to a long-term destination for our business, we are engaged in offering a wide gamut of Paraflex, a generic medicine. It is used for the treatment of orthopaedic disease and thus acts as muscle relaxant.

Our offered Paraflex is used in combination with physical therapy for the treatment purpose. Also, known by the name of Chlorozoxazone in the global market, it is used the treating pain and muscle spasms.

To reduce the pain that occurs because of muscle injury, this Paraflex is very useful, therefore highly demanded and recommended by our valuable customer spread all over the nation. Paraflex is also known for treating back pain, sprains, strains, arthritis, disc syndrome, etc.

While climbing on the success ladder, it has become increasingly important for us to deliver precisely tested and high grade assortment of Paraflex to our valuable clients. Each tablet of Paraflex contains 250mg of chlorzoxazone. The dose for Paraflex varies from person to person and for different age group. The dose varies in adult when compared with the child.

If an adult is suffering from normal muscle spasm, one tablet of Paraflex should be taken three or four times in a day, however, this dose varies when the person is suffering from severe muscle spasm. In such case, the person should take two tablets of Paraflex for three to four times in a day. However, if the pain is reduced, the dose can also be reduced.

In case of child, Paraflex tablet can be crushed to make powder and can be given with or without food so that the child can take this more easily. One-half to two tablets can be given to the child for three to four times daily, however, it depends on age and weight of the child as well.

The user of Paraflex may show some unusual changes that are all because of the side effect of the tablet. However, not all patients will have side effect from the tablet it all depends on the immune system of the user.

Some patient, after the intake of Paraflex might feel light-headed, tried drowsiness and headache. In such case, the patient should consult their doctor. The patient can have stomach problem and sometime the colour of urine changes to orange or reddish- purple in colour. Paraflex can also cause paralysis, weakness, heartbeat increases and sometimes patient become faint.

Apart from this, the user of Paraflex might pass blood in the stool, fever, soreness in the throat. At times, patient might have problem in liver, pain in abdomen.

Paraflex tablet can also cause allergic reaction in some patient. It includes rashes in the skin, skin & eyes become yellowish, nausea, problem in breathing, vomiting, etc.

As every person have their own tolerance power for any given medicine so if another person showing same type of sign and symptom, Paraflex should not be given without the consult of the doctor. It might cause serious problem to the other user.

It the user of Paraflex is allergic to anything, they should inform about this to their doctor prior taking tablets. Some patient might suffer from liver disease because of one or other reason, they should let their doctor or medical advisor know about this so that the dose of Paraflex can be adjusted accordingly.

The patient should not drive any vehicle or operate machine as the drug Paraflex cause drowsiness, if the user of Paraflex is addicted to alcohol, they should avoid using it atleast till taking this tablet. Paraflex medicine should not be used during pregnancy as it may pass into the breast milk. The patient should talk about this before using offered Paraflex.

If the person is sensitive to any product then should avoid taking Paraflex as it may cause sensitivity reaction in them. In case, the patient is having itching in the skin or the skin is becoming red, she should immediately stop the medicine and contact the doctor before it increases.

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