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Skelaxin is a generic drug that is used for relaxing the pain sensation. It is an oral drug that is responsible for the relaxing the skeletal muscle. Additionally, this Skelaxin affect the central nervous system and thus relaxes the muscles.

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Being the most respected organization guided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we provide an enormous assortment of Skelaxin or Metaxalone drugs. This Skelaxin is used for the treatment of pain or to relax the pain sensation.

Our offered Skelaxin is an oral taking drug that is known for the treating skeletal muscle, a muscle that is responsible for bodies’ movement. We provide our offered Skelaxin to the clients in world class packing options at pocket friendly price.

The inactive ingredient present in Skelaxin is alginic acid, corn starch, magnesium stearate, B-Rose liquid, ammonium calcium alginate.

Our renowned customer can avail this Skelaxinin various packing options so that they can fulfil their exact requirements.

Skelaxin is supplied as oval shaped, pink colored tablet to the clients. This Skelaxin should be stored at controlled room temperature between 15°C and 30°C. It is available in 400 mg tablet and the adult person should take it three or four times in a day.

It should not be used in excess quantity as the overdose may cause mild to severe problem in the patient. Therefore, the dose selection is very important and must be decided after the consultation with the doctor.

Skelaxin is a pink coloured tablet and oval in shape. The chemical formula of Skelaxin is 5-[(3, 5- dimethylphenoxy) methyl]-2-oxazolidinone whereas its empirical formula is C12H15NO3 and have molecular weight 221.25.

Skelaxin is odourless and appear as crystalline powder. In addition to this, this Seklaxin is soluble in chloroform, methyl alcohol and 96% ethyl alcohol but insoluble in water and ether.

Skelaxin can cause mild to severe side effect depending upon the condition and immune system of the patient. It is not essential that the dose given to one person will have same effect on the other person who has used this Skelaxin for same reason.

Some person might start showing allergy after its use while other does not. So it all depends the body requirement and also on the medical history of the patient.

Skelaxin using patient might have problem in breathing, swelling in throat, face, etc. In such a condition the patient should stop using medicine and must consult their doctor.

Some of the common symptoms shown by patients include fever, pain in stomach, nausea, jaundice, drowsiness, headache, etc.

If a person taking Skelaxin is allergic for anything, should tell doctor before starting this medicine. Sometimes, the inactive ingredients present in Skelaxin can also cause allergy, in that case the patient must consult their doctor.

If a person has already suffered from disease related to liver, kidney, anaemia, etc. should consult doctor prior starting this Skelaxin.

Since Skelaxin causes drowsiness, any work that is related to alertness either it is driving or operating machine should be avoided. One should stop using alcohol till taking Skelaxin.

Pregnant lady should not take Skelaxin as it can cause problem to the infant.
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