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Maxalt-Rizact-Rizatriptan 5mg

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Maxaltis used for treating migraine headache. It does not reduce the number of attack and helpful in preventing the pain that has already began due to migraine.

We often Maxalt only from certified manufacturer who follows cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Procedure) as per USP and various other pharmacopeia. Clients can get this Maxalt from us at nominal rate within set time-frame.

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Brand - Maxalt

Generic - Rizatriptan

Having a definite quality management system, we are regarded as the noteworthy online supplier of an enhanced quality Maxalt or Rizatriptan, a generic drug. It belongs to the class of drug that is known as 5-hydoxytryptamine agonist or triptan. Maxalt is used for the relief of pain, headache, sensitivity to light, sound, sickness, vomiting.

This Maxalt is often used for treating headache that arises due to migraine. It decreases the widening of the blood vessel and because of this the blood vessel gets its regular size and thus helps in preventing the pain. Further, Maxalt blocks the release of chemical that is secreted from nerve ending and causes pain, etc.

Rizatriptan is white to off-white in colour and appear as crystalline solid. This is soluble in water at 25 degree centigrade. Maxalt is administered orally by the patients and is available in the strength of 5 mg and 10mg.

The compressed tablet of Maxalt contains various inactive ingredients which include lactose monohydrate, pregelatinized starch, microcrystalline cellulose, ferric oxide and magnesium stearate. The disintegrated lyophilized tablet of Maxalt contains different inactive ingredients such as glycine, peppermint flavour, gelatin, mannitol, aspartame, etc.

FDA has approved Maxalt on June 29 in the year 1998 in United States. Maxalt is used for treating the headache that has already started and this do not prevent headache or reduces the number of migraine attacks. Also, Maxalt is not used for the treatment of common headache.

Maxalt is available in the form of pale pink 5mg tablet that is capsule-shaped.Initially, low dose of 5mg should be given to a normal healthy adult and this can be increased to 10mg if there is no sign of adverse effect on the user.

If the migraine headache comes second time after the administration of the first dose, then a second dose can be given to the patient after 2 hours from the first dose. It is very important to note that the maximum dose should never cross the limit of 30 mg in 24 hours of time.

In case of paediatric patient, Maxalt is given 5mg having body weight of 40 kg and 10mg is given for the user of body weight 40 kg or more.

The disintegrated tablet of Maxalt is available in blister packing that have aluminium pouch on its outer surface. The blister packing from aluminium pouch should be removed just before dosing not earlier than this. At the time of dosing, blister packing is peeled off properly and using dry and clean hand the tablet is kept on the tongue where the tablet gets dissolved and gets swallowed with the help of saliva.

Patients might get some side effects from the tablets that include pain in chest, throat, neck, jaw, etc. They might feel headache and increase in blood pressure.

Some patients might not any side effects while few may get serious effects from Maxalt. Few User of Maxalt get Serotonin syndrome, coronary artery vasospasm, transient myocardial ischemia, ventricular tachycardia & fibrillation and hypertensive crisis. Some patients might experience neurological disorder such as phonophobia and photophobia. Sometimes patients suffer gastrointestinal disorder such as diarrhoea.

The user of Maxalt might feel palpitation, sweating in skin, hypertension and hypotension. Maxalt can also causehypersensitivity, inflammation in upper respiratory tract, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.

The patient should not take Maxalt if they had suffered from heart disease, angina, problem in blood circulation, improper supply of blood to heart, uncontrolled blood pressure, ischemic bowel disease, stroke and headache (not migraine headache).

The patient should not take Maxalt within 24 hours if ha already taken any other migraine headache medicine such as almotriptan, naratriptan, sumatriptan, ergotamine, etc.

Maxalt should not be if the patient has taken monoamine oxidase inhibitor which includes furazolidone, rasagiline, phenelzine in the last 14 days.

In case, the patient is suffering from coronary heart disease, diabetes, menopause, smoking, overweight or have high cholesterol level, they should inform about this to the doctor prior taking Maxalt.

Maxalt is used for treating the headache that has already begun and this is not helpful in preventing the headache or reducing the number of attack.

After taking a Maxalt tablet, the patient should wait for two hours before taking a second tablet. The patient should not take more than 30 mg of Rizatriptanwithin 24 hours.

Maxalt should not be given to anyone below the age group of 18 years. For children of 6 year of age, disintegrated tablet is given orally.

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