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Xefo | Lornoxicam

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Xefo or Lornoxicam is a generic medicine that is used for the treatment of pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis and also helps in reducing fever (antipyretic).

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Brand - Xefo

Generic - Lornoxicam

Xefo belong to the class of oxicam of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This drug is used for treatment of mild to moderate pain that arises due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and joint pain and inflammation.

This Lornoxicam works by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandin that is it inhibits the action of enzyme cyclooxygenase and the activity of enzyme does not result in an increment of formation of leukotriene. Lornoxicam quickly gets absorbed in gastrointestinal tract.

This drug is available in 31 different countries which include Europe, South America, Middle & Far East, etc. Offered Lornoxicam is often used for treating pain after operation, lumbar sciatica, etc.

The hydroxylated metabolite of Lornoxicam remains unchanged in plasma. Lornoxicam gets metabolized fully and almost two-third part gets eliminated through liver and one-third by kidney as inactive substance.

Lornoxicam should be stored below 25°C and is used for short term treatment of mild to severe pain that has occurred due to inflammation more precisely extra articular inflammation.

The inactive ingredients present in Xefo include lactose monohydrate, cellulose, povidone, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, microcrystalline, talc. Hypromellose etc.

Brand - Xefo

Generic - Lornoxicam

Our offered Xefo is available in the form of film coated tablet that should be taken orally. User of this medicine can take Xefo before the intake of meal with plenty of water. Xefo should not be given to the children of age group below 18 years.

The dose of Xefo for patients varies depending on the response for the treatment the patient shows and also on the nature of the pain.

Normally, the dose varies from 8mg to 16mg in a day after division of twice or thrice in a day. In any case, the dose should not increase to 16mg in a day.

For patient who is suffering from Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, 12mg of Xefo is given after dividing it in a day twice or thrice.

Those who is suffering from Renal impairment, one tablet of 12 mg should be given or two tablets one for 4 mg and other for 8 mg.

Brand - Xefo

Generic - Lornoxicam

Patients can show some side effect of the Xefo tablet such as headache, change in appetite, increase or decrease in weight, oedema, insomnia, depression and vision disorder or even conjunctivitis.

Some of the user of Xefo might feel pain in abdominal, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, dry mouth, gastritis, rectal bleeding, etc. Sometimes, patients show irritation in upper respiratory tract, dermatitis, some even start losing their hair.

Patients show cramps in leg, migraine, peptic ulcer that can be with blood or without blood, anaemia, blood pressure changes and May even feel palpitation.

Brand - Xefo

Generic - Lornoxicam

If the patient is showing peptic ulcer or gastro intestinal bleeding, then they should stop taking this medicine.

A patient who is suffering from coagulation disorder should consult doctor on scheduled day so that doctor can examine them properly.Those who is having problem related to liver must visit their medical advisor on regular interval.

This medicine should not be taken by patient who is suffering from severe heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding of blood vessel in brain or suffering from low blood platelet count that increases the chances of bleeding.

If the patient is suffering or had suffered from peptic ulcer and have severe kidney & liver impairment, this medicine should be avoided by them.

Xefo is highly not recommended for female whose last three months of pregnancy is left.

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