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His product is very effective and delivery on time, although they preferred their details to be kept private
Sam July 28, 2013
Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the information and delivery my product
Jhon July 28, 2013
I am really impressed with the product quality, service and the commitment for on time delivery. Look forward to continue this relationship in future for many more online pharmacy needs.
Nona Kutictque July 29, 2013
The most honest and reliable pharmacy on the internet. Excellent customer service, and the products are excellent also. I would never shop anywhere else, after finding this pharmacy. Thank you very much.
Simon Burgess October 04, 2013
Top notch site with incredible customer service and response times to your questions, prices are incredibly good, and the shipping method is flawless. Couldn't ask for anything else! 10/10 Hands Down!
Joseph Smith October 25, 2013
Seems to that they have problem whit some kind of medications they cant deliver anymoore mean i have to move on to new suplyer.

Kind of sad because they never missed a delivery and always 100% quality. ( Bin customer for almost 3 years in old site and new)

Mickael March 18, 2014
I would tell you if you have pain with your back neck and muscle spam this really works. helps you relax without feeling high and no need to take anything real strong pain meds or shots or patches.
you are in control of your pain management not doctors and insurance company.
try it for a week and you will see.

David D 4-10-14
David Dembny April 10, 2014
As advertised, great product and delivery on problems here....hope to do more business in the future...thanks guys...
Darryl September 22, 2014
I really like this company but twice I placed orders and only received half of my orders. I was told that they would send them to me but I can't get them to give me a tracking number. When I called them l had trouble getting them to understand the problem. There is also a language barrier. I'm still waiting to hear from them.
Beverly Morgan March 10, 2015
I have never had a problem with this company but my last order has been in preshipment since Feb 27, my funds were taken from bank .on Feb 25.I have sent emails ans no one seems to understand its lost , They keep saying their resending but I get get tracking number. Now they will not even answer back my emails.
Deborah Bowen March 17, 2015
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Jerome Walton April 14, 2015
Terrible experience with this company. Placed an order for important medicine in early March; after 3 weeks without arrival, I called and they said they couldn't process because they needed some sort of check verification (which I had already filled out.)
"Why didn't you call me 3 weeks ago?" I asked. "We did, " they said. That's a lie. I have a record of every incoming phone call during those 3 weeks, they never called.
Then 3 more weeks passed, no medicine, no communication. I gave up and got the medicine from another vendor. I called them to ask for a refund. They said, "Your package wouldn't go through customs (how come??) but now we've reshipped it a few days ago." I said, "I got it elsewhere, now I just need a refund" The agent said, "I will have a supervisor call you back within 24 hrs." No one ever called.
I called them again, and they refused to refund. They took absolutely NO responsibility for the delays or, more importantly, for NEVER communicating to me. They expected that I would just wait patiently with NO updates, and be happy when it finally arrived weeks too late. Any responsible company would have contacted me and said, "We know this order is taking too long to get to you, do you still want us to send it or, if you can get it faster elsewhere, we understand and will refund you in full. ANY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY knows that communication is the MOST important part of doing business. This company doesn't care enough to stay in touch with you, they make you call them, and then they either hang up on you repeatedly or say, "Sorry, but there was another holdup and you cant get a refund." Avoid these guys; find a responsible online vendor and do business with them instead.
seth May 08, 2015
They ripped me off too. Took my money and ran. I ordered 90- 100 mg. tamadols. Got a package in the mail (A LONG TIME LATER
Bret Rodrigues May 21, 2015
DO NOT order from these theives. I ordered 90 100 MG> Tramadols and got nothing but an empty package. NOTHING WAS IN IT. I told them about it and they refuse to resend anything. At first they said they would. All communication stopped once they took my hard earned money.It was definately intentional because how do you tape up an envelope without noticing theirs nothing in it. I'm not the first to get scammed by this pharmacy and I know I wont be the last. Theirs alot of other good pharmacies out their where you can save your money and not get ripped off
Bret Rodrigues May 21, 2015
After paying alot of money with my hard earned cash,all I got from these theives is an empty box. Order from these guys at your own risk.They wont resend my package and are a-holes about it too.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. Theirs alot of good sources out there that wont rip you off. like these guys did me and alot of others. Its all over the internet that they are scammers!!!!
Bret Rodrigues May 21, 2015
Most of these "good reviews were written by the pharmacy themselves. They are fakes
Bret Rodrigues May 21, 2015
This service is pathetic. I placed order at the start of April and still have not received my order. Customer service is appalling. I will never be ordering from this company again. No reply to emails and phone calls are disconnected. I advise people to source products elsewhere. Im absolutely disgusted with topdrugmart. They take your money and do not supply the product. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ORDERING FROM HERE
Jason Lawrence June 03, 2015
Stick by my dealing with them....always upfront and delivery has been as advertised...hope they stay in business....
Darryl Lewis June 07, 2015
I have contacted authorities in India to have these people investigated. I will be having them charged with theft and fraud. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY. No customer service, no answering calls, no reply to emails.
Jason Lawrence June 10, 2015
First time I ordered from these guys I got my package ok. The second time I received an empty package with nothing in it and I told them but they wouldnt believe me but then they said they would take 45$ off my next 2 orders. I said "order again So I can get ripped off again"? But I did order again giving them the benefit of doubt. Sure enough 2 weeks later and still nothing. I called them,e mailed them etc. and I was told "It will get there,its on its way" and they said if theirs any problems they will reship. Well its still in India and they are no longer returning my E mails. Dont order from these scammers. You'll just get ripped off like me and many others. Lately their have been more and more bad reviews for these guys over the internet. Most of their good reviews are fake. Written by themselves. You can tell they use bad English when writing in reviews but use American names just like the names of all their so called customer service reps.Save your money. Dont order from here/
Wade Strohbridge June 11, 2015
I have never had a problem with this company until now. I placed an order on May 15th and it is now July 3rd. I still have not received my order. They keep telling me that it has been shipped.
Beverly Morgan July 03, 2015
Once again, right on the money...order came in less that 15 days....great service and appreciated...thanks Alex and Top Drug Mart....just stay In business.....
Darryl Lewis July 20, 2015
Best site on the internet, reliable, fast shipping, customer service is great.
Judi Mongelluzzo August 06, 2015
Amazing company and customer service. You would not find a more reliable and honest pharmacy online, and no, I'm not a rep or a person working from them. I'm a customer of 7 years from Australia. I can't understand the negative reviews. Alex is more than honest, and answers every email, and if there is ever a problem, he fixes it as soon as he's notified. I would never shop anywhere else.
Lisa March 06, 2016
I love this site and the people who run it! They provide the best customer service of anywhere and the order I received was top quality and packaged perfectly to pass through customs quickly.Keep up the good work! I will definitely order from here forever. FM USA
Frederick Myers March 14, 2017
This company is great to do business with . They are always detailed and honest ! I've never had a problem receiving my medication. I highly recommend ordering here !
Chad Perkins June 30, 2017
I have to admit, I was nervous placing an order for a wire transfer at first but my product came within the delivery date and was exactly what I asked for.
Tomas Rees October 01, 2017
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