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Uloric or Febuxostat
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Uloric Generic or Febuxostat is used for the treatment of chronic hyperuricemia in adult patients with gout. Uloric Generic is used to treat gout. Gout is a kind of arthritis, in this condition uric acid (a natural substance in the body) is produced in the joints and causes unexpected attacks of redness, inflammation, pain, and high temperature in affected joints. Uloric or Febuxostat is related to the class of medicines called as xanthine oxidase inhibitors. This medicine works by lessening the quantity of uric acid that is prepared in the body. Febuxostat is used to stop gout attacks, but it is not effective for the treatment of gout that already began. Uloric Generic is available in form of tablet to take by mouth. It is not instant effective and can take some months for preventing gout attacks.
This medicine must be used under the direction of your doctor. You need to take dosage according to the instruction of the doctor.
Uloric or Febuxostat
You must use this drug after consulting to your doctor. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to it or if you have any other allergies. Let your doctor know if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant before using this medicine. Do not give this medicine to someone else who also has same problem. It may be dangerous to use it without the recommendation of the doctor.
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