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Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

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Ibrandronic acid tablet is suggested to postmenopausal women who are bear from the bone disorder or Osteoporosis disorder such as reduce of bone mass and bone density. Osteoporosis disorder is a circumstance in which patient experienced brittle and fragile bone. This medicine contains Ibrandronic sodium monophasphate as an active chemical compound. This disease is more seen in above the age of 35 years female because the old bone is more destroy then form a new bone. This medicine exhibits its action by prevent the loss of bone mass. This medicine is also used to treat breast cancer. This medicine must get through on an empty stomach. You must need to stand up 60 minutes after taken this medicine. 

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Ibrandronic acid tablet are effective medicine that is used to prevent of the bone severity such as fragile and brittle in a postmenopausal women. Ibrandronic sodium monophasphate is a main active chemical compound which has been classified in the biophasphate drug group. This medicine exhibits its action by preventing the action of the osteoclasts cells. This Osteoclasts cell is the main cause of the brittle and fragile of the bone because this cell is destroying the bone and prevents the formation of new bone. This medicine is also used as prophylaxis for the treatment of the osteoporosis and efficacious for the treatment of metastasis related bone fractures in multiple myeloma, breast tumour and any kinds of cancer. This medicine should place in cool and dry place.

Indications of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

Ibrandronic is used to the treatment or the prevention of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.


Contraindications of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets


These are the medical condition in which this medicine shows contraindications. these contraindication are described below;

  • Anaphylactic reaction
  • hypocalcaemia
  • Who patient, which have inability to sit upright or stand at least 60 minutes.
  • Gastrointestinal problem
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney failure

 Drug interactions of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

 Ibrandronic acid tablet exhibits few interactions with the presence of the other drugs in the body which are listed below;

  • NSAID drugs; ibuprofen. Diclofenac sodium and naproxen
  • Aluminums, calcium, iron or magnesium containing supplements
  • Other biophasphate drug
  • Food and alcohol drink

Storage conditions of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

  • This medicine should be stored at 25 to 30̊C temperature
  • Protect from heat and moisture.
  • Please do not store any expire date medicine.

Dosage and administration of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

 Ibrandronic acid tablet is a solid dosage form which is administrated by the oral route. The recommend dose of this medicine is 150mg in a single dose in one month.. This medicine is available at strength of 2.5 to 150 mg. if you want a regular dose of this medicine so recommend dose of this medicine is 2.5 mg once in 24 hours. This medicine should take with a glass of water in an early morning

Miss dose of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

For a useful response of this medicine, you should not miss any dose. When you missed any dose then you take this medicine as soon as possible but you near to next dose then you take this medicine as your schedule time.


Overdose of Ibrandronic Acid Tablets

Avoid overdose of this medicine because they produce serious adverse effects which are gastric pain, gloomy urine, tiredness and bloody vomiting. Please contact with doctor immediately about overdose.



This medicine has any adverse effects which may observe after the taken this medicine. These adverse effects are cough, cloudy urine, back pain, irregular breathing, anxiety, abnormal heartbeat congestion, itching, skin rash, Vomiting, dryness of mouth, and increase body temperature.  

The above lists of side effects are not completed so you experience any other adverse effect then contact with your doctor immediately.

Few precautions should be taken before consuming this medicine. These precautions are given below

  • If you have any allergic reaction to its composition then you should avoid this medication.
  • This medicine should take before eat or empty stomach.
  • This medicine should avoid in the hypocalcaemia disease condition.
  • Please after taken this medicine, you should stay for approximate 60 minutes.
  • In patients with renal impairment or hepatic failure, dosage should be adjusted according to the degree of impairment.
  • Do not take this medicine during the period of lactation due to the excretion of trace quantities in breast milk.


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